You can ONLY register to vote online this year. Register now to ensure that you are sent a ballot for the school budget and the board of education candidates before the June 9th election.


As per the announcement of the closing of our schools, the principals have been coordinating the return of school library and classroom books and school owned items, as well as the pickup of student’s personal belongings prior to the summer break.  This process will take place on June 1 and June 2. The following is a schedule for our student pick-up according to grade level:


  • June 1                            8-10AM               Fifth Grade
  • June 1                            10:15-12:15         Fourth Grade
  • June 1                            12:30-2:30           Third Grade
  • June 2                            8-10 AM               Second Grade
  • June 2                            10:15-12:15         First Grade
  • June 2                            12:30-2:30           Kindergarten


Upon arrival to Guggenheim Elementary School, please pull up to the front of the building and someone will assist you with the return of any classroom books or library books in a bag clearly marked with your child’s name and his/her teacher.  In addition, I ask that you have your child’s name and teacher name on the passenger side of the window so we can easily view it.  Please then proceed to the side of Guggenheim Elementary School, where the gymnasium is to collect your child’s bag with his/her personal belongings.  Please remain in your vehicle for the duration of this process. 


Should your child have any medication from this past year that you need to pick up, Nurse Cathy will be at the school on both June 1 and June 2 in order to distribute the medication back to the families. Please come to Guggenheim during your designated dates and times.

Class Parents - deadline June 10

With this year coming to an end, we are looking to get a head start on volunteers for next year's class parents. One of the ways to play an integral role in your child's education is to volunteer to be a Guggenheim class parent. We are looking for two parents per class. At this time, your child has not been placed with a specific teacher, nor have the teachers for each level been determined. We will collect the volunteers for each grade level so that once classes have been determined at the end of the summer we can place parents to a class.

The main functions of class parents are as follows:
- Act as a liaison between the teacher and parents of the class.
- Organize various class functions – celebrations and parties
- Make phone calls and/or send emails regarding HSA events, budget vote reminders, emergencies, and contact new parents who start mid-year.
- Collect HSA membership dues and class dues.
- Attend HSA meetings and participate in HSA functions.

Class parents of each grade will be responsible for running ONE event during the school year as follows:
Kindergarten –Port Fest
1st – Pride in Port Parade
2nd – Year-End Picnic
3rd – Family Fun Night
4th – Welcome Back Picnic

If you have any question about being a Class Parent, please contact the VPs of Membership:

Erin Orr: / 516-455-3720
Elissa Rotolo: / 917-696-4139

Click here for the form below by June 10, 2020. Thank you!


Or copy and paste -


Guggenheim Moments 2019-2020

We love you and miss you!

Created by Dr. Licato


COVID-19 Update From Port Washington Schools

PW Food Pantry Lists + Donations

For Our Lady of Fatima …they are low on the following this week:

- Mac n Cheese

- Peanut Butter

- Jelly

- Oatmeal

- Chicken Noodle Soup

- Canned Beets

- Canned Corn

- Canned fruit

- Tuna

- Rice

- Cooking Oil

- Mayo


For St. Peter’s  …they are low on the following this week:

  • White Rice (3 or 5 lb bags)
  • Dried Beans(Black, Lentils)
  • Canned Black Beans
  • Jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Cereal
  • Pancake Mix
  • canned veggies
  • *Canned Mixed veggies
  • *Canned Spinach
  • *Canned Corn
  • Canned Salmon
  • Cooking Oil
  • Coffee
  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Pasta sauce
  • Bread

Monetary donations for St. Peters Outreach

By Check:

Payable to:  St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Social Ministry (or PSM for short) and write "Food Pantry" on the Memo line.

Mail to: St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Social Ministry

Attn:  Lourdes Taglialatela / 1317 Port Washington Blvd /Port Washington, NY 11050


Pay by check to Our Lady of Fatima







For Our Lady of Fatima By Credit Card:

1. Go to

2.  Click on "Give Now"

3.  New screen - Click on " Give Today"

  - then enter " NY303" for the church code

 - then click " Give Now"

4.  New screen - Click on "Make a One Time Gift Now"

5.  New screen - Click "Neighbor Helping Neighbor"


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All, we're excited to roll out our new Remind text information. Due to change in Remind policy we had to separate the texts by grade to stay under their new maximum number.
The good news is that this will give class parents more flexibility to provide HSA updates by grade level. However, we do understand some general announcements could be duplicative depending on how many children each family has at school.
Join today - please remember to include the @ and the first time you register please reply with full name + P for parent. If you join groups after that it will automatically update that information to the next class.
Remind Incoming Kindergarten Text @6268ed to the number 81010
Remind Kindergarten Text @kindergera to the number 81010
Remind First Grade Text @ge9keg to the number 81010
Remind Second Grade Text @db48egd to the number 81010
Remind Third Grade Text @9k4dd6 to the number 81010
Remind Fourth Grade Text @fah69k to the number 81010
Remind Fifth Grade Text @k8c3ae to the number 81010



Por favor no dude en contactarme si necesita más información en español. 

Sharon Sisimit


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