The Guggenheim HSA

Guggenheim HSA's Mission is:

  • To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community
  • To bring closer the relationship of home and school so that parents, teachers and administrators may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child.
  • To enhance the educational facilities and opportunities for the students of Guggenheim Elementary Schools that are not otherwise provided in the school cooperation budgets.


Executive Board 2020-2021


  • Presidents: Evelyn Gabriel, Jenny Gammons
  • VPs Membership and Class Parents: Elissa Rotolo, Erin Orr 
  • VPs Fundraising: Janine Bedaudet, Gina LaRussa
  • VPs Enrichment and Community Relations: Joyce Armstrong, Stacey Manzino
  • VPs Communications:Ilena Schreiber, Jennifer Capogna
  • VPs 5th Grade Festivities: Ela Miluso, Megan Lotterman
  • VP Kindergarten Festivities: Sara Kolb
  • Treasurer : Tracy Berk
  • Secretary : Arline Frangos


A HUGE HSA thank you to the Dejana Foundation for the donation to continue our nature and garden programs!!!

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