The Guggenheim HSA

Guggenheim HSA's Mission is:

  • To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community
  • To bring closer the relationship of home and school so that parents, teachers and administrators may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child.
  • To enhance the educational facilities and opportunities for the students of Guggenheim Elementary Schools that are not otherwise provided in the school cooperation budgets.

Welcome 2019-2020 Guggenheim HSA Executive Board


o Presidents: Nicoletta Gargas, Jennifer Cincu

o VPs Membership and Class Parents: Elissa Rotolo, Jenny Gammons

o VPs Fundraising: Linda Kulla, Sara Kolb

o VPs Enrichment and Community Relations: Joyce Armstrong, Stacey Manzino

o VPs Communications: Matt Pagano, Jennifer Capogna

o VPs 5th Grade Festivities: Arline Frangos, Shari Isserles

o VP Kindergarten Festivities : Evelyn Gabriel

o Treasurer : Gina LaRussa

o Secretary : Megan Owsik Lotterman

o Past President : Lauren Dejana


A HUGE thank you to the current board, we thank you for volunteerism!!!

A special shout out to departing fifth grade board members for their many years of service -- Erica Buckley, Robyn Doubert and Annie Thornton.

Thank you 2018-2019 HSA Board members who’ve volunteered their time and effort to keep all of the above initiatives, and many more, going strong!!

Executive Board

The Guggenheim HSA Executive Board consists of parent volunteers in various positions as well as three teacher representatives.



The Guggenheim HSA runs many events throughout the year.  There are Fundraising events to raise money to help the students and the school garner items that are not accessible with the school operating budget.  Our Enrichment and Outreach drives enable the students to help our community as well as charities from abroad and teaches them to help the environment. Our Communication Committees spread the word of all that is going on at Guggenheim and our 5th Grade Festivities committee helps the 5th grade teachers provide a wonderful “senior” year at Guggenheim.

Great News from the Ed. Foundation!!

The amazing Ed. Foundation has generously awarded the following eight grants for Guggenheim students for the 2018-2019 school year:


  • Dancing with our Fifth Grade Stars (co-funded with the Guggenheim HSA and HEARTS)
  • After-School Homework Club
  • Drum Fit! Morning Intramural Program
  • Guggenheim STEM Club
  • Talk About Adventure! with Nassau BOCES Outdoor Education Program
  • Discovering Native American Culture with Teepee Ted and the Traveling Wilderness Museum
  • Expressive Elocution Public Speaking Program
  • All-District Band Spectacular at the Tilles Center for Performing Arts (co-funded with HEARTS)


Many thanks to the teachers, administrators and parents who researched and wrote these grants for our kids. Visit for more information.

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