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Scholastic Book Fair – General Information

·         Why do we have a book fair?

o   The importance of reading:

§  Reading for pleasure unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are.

§  Updating your home book collection will keep up with your child’s changing tastes and reading skills.

§ Research shows that children who read 20 minutes a day will typically score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.

o   It is a fundraiser

§  The HSA takes a profit of over 25% of the fair total, which is used to enhance your child’s time at Guggenheim.

§  A separate profit in scholastic dollars is provided to Ms. Mody for special library programs and also provides books for the incoming kindergarten class at orientation.

Book Fair Items

·         What types of books are available at the fair?         

o   We carry books for every grade level from Pre-K to Middle School.

o   There are board books, picture books, early readers, chapter books and graphic novels.

o   There is also a selection of books for adult readers and cook books.

·         What else is available for purchase at the fair?

o   School supplies (pencils, erasers, bookmarks, sharpeners), posters, journals and craft kits.

o   If you do not want your child to buy non-book items, please let them know.


·         How much money should I send my child with?

o   Most books at the fair cost between $4.99 - $10.99. Some of the hard cover books and kits, are up to $25-$30. Non-book items (school supplies, posters, journals) run 0.50¢ - $15.

·         Do you collect tax?

o   Yes, we are required by NYS law to require sales tax 8.625%. The flyer does not include tax, so be sure to include it when choosing one of these books

·         What forms of payment do you accept?

o   We can accept cash, credit cards and checks made out to Guggenheim HSA.

·         What if I forget to send in money for the fair?

o   We have “hold” boxes for any student that does not have money to buy item(s) at the fair. You will receive a hold slip in their homework folder. You can decide which items, if any, you would like them to buy, and send the money in any time before the fair ends. Your child will be permitted to stop in to pick up their holds.

o   You can also make purchases at the online fair from home at our scholastic site http://www.scholastic.com/bf/guggenheimelementaryschool

Books for the classroom or library

·         How can I buy a book for my child’s teacher?

o   There is a classroom wish list at the door to the library where your child’s teacher will leave slips with the books they would like for the classroom.

o   Bring the book and the slip to the register to pay. You will then put a sticker in the front cover showing who the book is from. Your child can bring the book back to the classroom for the teacher.

·         What if there’s no slip for my teacher?

o   Some teachers ask that your child picks any book they would like to see added to the classroom library.

o   You can also buy a gift certificate at the register to give to your teacher for the fair.

·         How do I buy a book for the library?

o   You can buy a gift certificate at the register for Ms. Mody, so she can pick books to enhance the library.

o   If there is a specific book your child would like to buy at the fair for the library, just double check with Ms. Mody at the fair that it isn’t already part of the collection.

All For Books

·         What is All for Books?

o   This is a program that raises funds before/during our fair to purchase books for donation.

o   The Scholastic Possible Fund matches every donation, up to $1 million in books and distributes them to children in need through organizations such as Kids In Need Foundation, Reader to Reader, Inc., and the National Center for Families Learning.

·         How can I donate to All for Books?

o   We have different ways you can contribute:

§  Add money to the collection box at the cash register during the fair.

§  Round up your book fair cost to the nearest dollar with the change being donated.

§  Participate during our coin drive.

§  Buy specially marked items at the fair.

·         How do we choose who receives the book donation?

o   One fair per year will provide books for our own Guggenheim Library.

o   Moving forward, the 2nd fair per year will donate to a children’s charity that we will choose by school wide survey.

·         Is there any other benefit to this program?

o   The total donation to All for Books will also count towards our fair total and therefore also increases the profit for the HSA.

Class Visits

·         How do I know when my child will attend the book fair?

o   It is generally during their library time, but to be sure, check www.guggenheimhsa.org/book-fair/class-schedule

·         Can I come to the book fair?

o   We encourage parents, close relatives or caregivers to join their students during their class visits to the fair.

o   There is always a nighttime family event where you can stop into the book fair to make purchases.

·         What if my child is sick or absent during the book fair?

o   We have an online fair you can shop at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/guggenheimelementaryschool . The online fair is open during a limited time starting just prior to and ending just after our in school fair. Items are shipped free of charge about 1 week after the fair ends.

Volunteering – please go to www.guggenheimhsa.org/book-fair/volunteer-links for FAQs and link to sign up to help


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