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Spring 2019 Dino-Mite Book Fair

Volunteering at the book fair is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to get involved in helping students become better readers!

Sign up to help in one or more of the sessions below. 


Please choose a time slot separate from when your child attends the fair, as it is difficult to enjoy the fair with your child and assist the other students at the same time. Thank you!

What does a volunteer at the book fair do?
  • Help the students find books that are appropriate for their reading level or reading interest (you can do this even if you've never been to the fair before.)
  • Assist students in calculating the cost of their items and staying within their budget.
  • Put books/items in the hold box for students if they don't have the funds during their visit.
  • Write up a slip for the student to bring home so their family knows what they have on hold.
  • Help keep the lines moving with extra cash registers available - easy to learn.
  • Straighten up between classes
  • Remind students to enter the book raffle
  • Restock items between classes
What if I want to be more involved?
There is a lot of behind the scenes work in setting up the fair, which is all parent run. If you love the fair and you are thinking about being more involved, please let us know. 
Rachel Weiselberg rweiselberg@gmail.com
Joyce Armstrong joycep16@gmail.com



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